Friday, July 2, 2010

The Promised Review, and other randomness

I have not been blogging as much as I would like to lately. I feel like my recreational computer time just keeps decreasing. Of course, some of the reasons are good - because I have been going out so much, because I have started walking at my breaks to get a little extra exertion into my day, and other similar thinga. When I am home, I just don't want to be on a computer all that much. So, I apologize if my blog has grown somewhat tedious, but since its my blog, I won't apologize too much.

My review of Eclipse? (the third Twilight Movie), pretty much loved it. I think it is the strongest of the three movies, and really captures why the books are so addictive, captures the emotion of the books better than the others. I enjoyed it immensely and expect to see it at least one more time in first run (have to take DH!). Also, I think its a more complete movie, more entertaining to those non-addicts who are dragged to it. I am hoping DH actually even likes it instead of just tolerates it!

Other things going on? Time for me to slow down a bit! As previous posts have suggested, I have been go go go non stop. In the 30 days of June, there were 7 days that I did not have some sort of activity going on. Thats just too much. Granted, my July weeknights are already pretty much booked, but I can do something about the weeknights!

Did you ever notice how weeknights could be wee knights? Ah, little people running around with swords and armor. Is that offensive? If so, I apologize. To me it is amusing.

Tonight we leave for Illinois to celebrate the 4th of July (and moreso, the long weeked), with our friend B from undergraduate. Should be good times. If I am a good girl, I will report back to you on how it goes. Otherwise, until my next random thoughts....


Laurelyn said...

ditto ditto, a thousand times ditto (your assessment of Eclipse)

ROFL at the wee knights i was thinking more of wee nights because weeknights seem to fly by so fast that I don't know how anyone gets ANYTHING accomplished...

miss ya much!


Sarah Dee said...

Nothing like a good pun to brighten my day!