Friday, March 4, 2011

More Work Changes

This morning my classical radio host's weather report was "rain all day, but you probably figured that out by now". It was not raining though, and it did not even look like rain. It didn't start raining here for about another 2 hrs, but it has not stopped since then. I keep managing to wear the wrong jacket. Yesterday it looked so sunny and nice out I wore my light jacket, only to have it be below freezing. Today I thought "it was cold yesterday, so I will wear my winter jacket", only to have it pour, when it sucks for rain. I guess I should read a weather report or something.

More changes at work, these unrelated to the new director. They have been in the works for sometime, involving the leave policy and discipline grids. They are making it more difficult to take leave on short notice and easier, or even required, for supervisors to deny leave if people's desks are not caught up. When I say desk with regards to work, it means the same thing as pending, which is the same thing as saying caseload. As in, I don't mean my physical desk is messy, I mean my electronic desk, or "to do" list has lots on it, or a lot of things that are urgent or overdue. So in other words, if you are not caught up on your work you can be denied leave, even if it was planned months in advance, even if you have plane tickets, even if it is your only daughter's wedding, etc etc etc. People are not happy. It kind of sucks. It also sounds like they may be cracking down on our ability to flex our schedules (change them from week to week to make way for things like appts, illness, whatever), though I won't know that until I get the training on 3/17. These changes are annoying, but its not the end of the world. I think the biggest issue going on at my work right now is that they are changing all of these policies at once, all in a way that is more stringent or less worker friendly. Essentially they are taking away many of the non-monetary "perks" of the job - casual dress, schedule flexability, leave flexability, and the general sense of contentment and happiness in the building. I mean, when I started there everyone talked about what a great place it was to work, how friendly everyone was, how flexible things were. That has all changed rapidly. Here is the "doom" possability - they currently are removing all non-monetary perks. With or without SB5 (the anti-union legislation being worked on by the state government here), it is extremely probable that there will either be significant cuts in pay, benefits, or the instution of a lot more "cost saving days" (forced unpaid leave). With the federal government budget issues, its possible overtime will be cut. If all of this combines, I forsee a lot of unhappy employees and a lot of people looking to get out of the organization - not a good thing when they are trying to increase the ammt of people doing this job because the caseload is so high. We shall see. I don't plan to leave despite any of these things, unless its to move to Minnesota.

We had classics bookclub last night. We read Alice in Wonderland and went to the Mellow Mushroom, which has giant mushrooms in it, so very fitting. It was annoying that two people cancelled on us when there is only 6 to begin with. 7 now I guess. We had a new girl last night and she fit in great, I hope she liked us and keeps coming.

I am watching Deadliest Catch again. Wouldn't be surprised if I end up watching the rest of season 2 this weekend, I have no other plans, not even a symphony. DH is on call and I just have not made social plans recently. I don't know what it is about this show, but I love it.

My sister closed on a house yesterday. I am super excited for her. I wish I was in Duluth to help her pick out paint colors and such. It is a major fixer-upper, so they won't be moving in for awhile until they can make some changes.

I am hungry, hope DH calls soon and brings home dinner.

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