Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Suppose I should ...

suppose I should post or something

I have been listening to some music. I admit it is starting to all blur together. I am NOT saying that these bands all sound the same, I am just saying that I don't really have the desire to differentiate between them except the really good and really bad. Most of them are just fine.

Here are some reviews I wrote last week before it all started to blur together:

David Bowie - When I hear this name I think "the Labrynth" (on crack 1980s muppet movie... not like kermit the frog muppets, perhaps we should say Jim Henson puppet movie rather than muppet). I enjoyed Bowie's music just fine, it was not quite what I expected based upon the movie, but who knows when the album I have is from. I believe he is still creating new work today.

Megadeath - remind me a lot of Metallica, unsuprisingly. It feels like they grew up listening to metallica and were like "YEAH!! LETS HAVE A HEAVY METAL BAND! What is a good, heavy metal name. I know!! MEGADEATH!!!". I mean, it sounds like Jack Black picked the name as a spoof in a funny movie. OK. I actually just read their wikipedia article - no surprise it sounds like Metallica - its not a rip off, its a spin off- as in one of metallica's members got pissed and left to form this band.

Motley Crew - lets be honest, I did not really listen listen to this band... I listened to it as in it was playing but did not give it much mental attention. It made good background music? I mean, I don't think its boring or anything, I was just having an off morning. I probably should listen to it again when I have more mental energy for it.

Dear NKOTB and Janet Jackson. I apologize for insulting your lyrics. Yes. They were bad. They were horrible. But it was not appropriate for me to describe them as the worst lyrics ever. That award goes to R. Kelly and I am sorry I implied you were worse than him. Dear R. Kelly. You are a walking stereotype of bad music that parent's complain about. If I wanted to hear about the six different ways you want to or actually are sleeping with a girl, I would call a bad sex hotline. Scratch that. I bet sex hotline workers are more creative than you. I felt like someone was going to to catch me listening to you at work and fire me for inappropriate music. Thanks for making me feel dirty, and not in that good way. I would also like to point out that I am not generally opposed to lyrics about sex. I mean, I love the Nine Inch Nails song "--" that is remixed to the Mario theme. The Discovery Channel song was one of my favorites in high school, and I love Ludicrous's "--". The difference between these and R. Kelly is that they are all fun and creative, not just matter of fact descriptions of being horny or various sex acts.

Other bands/artists I have recently listened to: Phish, Spoon, O.A.R., Sting, Ravel, Vaughn Williams, Ours, Yanni, R.E.M., The Raveonettes, Steely Dan, Paramore, Rush

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