Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News From Columbus

DH bought a motorcycle!! I have not seen it yet, should be delivered soon. He has wanted one for years. At first I said no because of safety. Then I started working for the bureau of disability and my view changed. For awhile I have said no because of money, but DH has come up with a bunch of ways to save money that don't affect me, that all add up to MORE than a motorcycle:
(1) He is not going to the Kentucky Derby this year.
(2) We are using his work rewards program to pay for my Starbucks habit
(3) I am driving the Chrylser to save on gas money
(4) He is no longer eating out at lunch.
(5) He is changing parking garages to a cheaper option
So, here comes the motorcycle!!!

Other news - I got really excited when I found out that "Deadliest Catch" is coming to Columbus in may! Its a speaking tour featuring 3 of the captains. I am SO excited. Like, jumping up and down excited. DH bought tickets this morning. It will be my B-day celebration, we can go out for seafood and then to see the captains talk!!

Other news - OT has been discontinued, effective immediately mid day friday. They literally sent people home in the middle of the day if they were in overtime status. We are thinking this has to do with how the budget negotiations are going in Washington, since its SSA that pays our OT and SSA that decided to stop giving it to us right now.

Other news - I went furniture shopping with a friend last Saturday. We hit 9 consignment and antique stores across Columbus, and found nothing. I was hoping to get book shelves, but no luck. But, it was a very fun day with my friend. I introduced him to El Vaquero. How do you live in Cbus for 5 years and not know what it is??

Other news - I have two books to read in the next 2 weeks, and I am 50 pgs into one with no motivation. *sigh*.

That is all.

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Sarah Dee said...

I think that the motorcycle will be a fun thing for you both, I hope it is anyway.

Good luck getting into Moonstone. It's so wandering makes my eyes blink just thinking about it.