Monday, April 23, 2012

30 by 30

Have you ever heard of a 30 by 30 list? It is a list of 30 things to do or accomplish by the time you turn 30. I turn 28 in one month, so I think if I am going to do a 30 by 30 list I should get on it. I know I know, here I go making more goals!! I just love to make goals... even though I don't follow through half the time! If you are getting annoyed by it you probably should find another blog to read, because I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

Here is my 30x30 list. I hope to add a widget that lists these to the side of the blog so I can cross them off as I go, we will see!

Life Goals
1. Have a second child
2. Buy our "forever" home

Self Improvement
3. See >160 on the scale
4. Learn to like mushrooms
5. Learn to drive a manual transmission
6. Inline Skate a marathon (officially or unofficially)
7. Do 100 Hours of community service

Because I Live in Duluth (and should therefore have already done these things)
8. Go out on Lake Superior in a boat
9. Drive to Thunder Bay
10. See the "big spoon" in person (Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)
11. Go Shopping at the Mall of America

Because I Have Been Meaning To
12. Learn to Snowboard
13. Read War & Peace
14. Write something good enough to have my friends edit it
15. Dye my Hair Red
16. Teach my mom how to use a computer
17. Go to a midnight showing of a movie in costume
18. Be Rainbow Brite for Halloween
19. Get to the Bottom of Palisade
21. Hike this section of the Superior Hiking Trail
22. Figure out which state park I wanted to go to in 10th grade, and actually go there

Because I Want to Experience Things my Family Likes
22. Ride in a fast car with Max
23. Ride a motorcycle
24. Go Off-Roading

Because I Haven't Done It Since I was Little
25. Go Fishing
26. Do a long trail ride (on horseback) with a "scary" hill

Because I Love Learning
27. Learn Basic Cake Decorating (so I can do kids' birthday cakes)
28. Make a complicated quilt that is not all right angles
29. Learn to cook pancakes, poach an egg, make french toast and cook a souffle
30. Bake 10 different kinds of bread


Allison said...

I think my favorite is the last one :)

I'm guessing for #3, though, that you want to see <160--I can't imagine your goal is to weigh more than 160 :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Have fun!


Miryam said...

Hey, if we really do make it back to MN in the fall, then maybe in the spring you three can come down to the cities and we can do all your Twin Cities goals together! I was actually just telling Will the other day that I think it'll be fun to take the baby to the sculpture garden.