Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I don't have time for it!"

This phrase, "I don't have time for X", is an excuse. Some point in the past year I came to the conclusion that saying you don't have time for something is neglecting to take responsibility for your own choices concerning time.* I have tried to banish it from my vocabulary. I would have time to read, but I choose to spend a lot of time on the internet. I would have time to clean if I did not spend so much time watching TV. I could spend more time organizing if I spent less time on Facebook. I could work out more often if I slept less.

There is always time for something, but it comes at the cost of something else. We choose how to spend out time. Its not about being perfect, its about taking responsibility for our own lives and what we can control.

*admittedly there may be people in the world who really have no flexibility with their time due to circumstances beyond their control... they are few and far between.

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Sarah Dee said...

Very much how I think. I try to reframe things like exercise in that I have trouble finding time, when I would rather be with my son.

Sometimes it doesnt help, and I slip back. This is actually something important to my me.