Friday, April 6, 2012

Three Months Old

Benjamin turned three months old today! See? He says so!!

I have not had a chance to weigh him this week. He still seems to be 24" long, not growing very tall at the moment! Last weight was on 3/24 and was 14.1 lbs. I have heard some kids grow like accordians (gain a lot of weight, then shoot up in height, etc). I am hoping he will do this a bit since he is gaining a lot of weight but no height at the moment!! He is grabbing things. He is more interested in toys everyday, though I would say he still prefers interactions - people talking, singing, smiling at him. Last night he accomplished a new feat! He slept from 10:30 - 2:30, got up, ate, then slept until 6:30! It is the first time he has only gotten up once overnight (prior to last night he had been getting up at like 2,4:30,7 or so, sort of making up for the longer gap at the beginning by putting the others closer together). He still has not rolled from back to front, though he has come close at times! He still occasionally roles front to back, but I still am not sure he can do it on demand. I admit we have been spoiling him at naps a bit. At night he sleeps fine on his own, but during the day he wants to be rocked to sleep either by me or the swing and then not put down. I probably should work on this as I am doing job interviews and could need him in daycare as soon as the beginning of May. I have also started pumping every morning for this reason. He likes to sit in his bumbo, he likes his Eric Carle kangaroo when we bounce it around him with sound effects, he likes his Eric Carle duck that hangs above him and can quack. He also likes the hanging toy that vibrates when you release the draw string. He likes his fabric blocks that crinkle and ring (he prefers the crinkly ones!) - he can pick them up with both hands and chew on them! He likes his crinkly books, especially the one with a mirror in it. We read to him every day, often multiple times a day. He loves to eat/suck on his hands and we "tease" him for it all the time. He can tell now when you leave the room, and this upsets him. When he gets tired he only wants his Mama.

A new development that bodes of things to come - on Tuesday I went out and about shopping etc with my mom. In the past, Benjamin would have fallen asleep in the car and then stayed asleep for the majority of the time, sleeping in his Moby wrap or stroller in stores and of course sleeping in the car. He hardly slept at all. He fussed a lot in the car before giving in, and then was wide awake in the Moby, which he tolerated for about 45 minutes/an hour before wanting out. In the evening we went to meet our realtor and he was fussy and active the whole meeting. I am thinking its about to become much harder to be out and about. We shall see!! And now, for some more pictures!

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