Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Easter Festival

Easter was wonderful. We started the morning with an "egg hunt" for Benjamin. It was DHs idea and turned out absolutely adorable. We put him down on a nice pastel blanket and spread the eggs out around him. We then spent a good half hour cooing over him and snapping pictures. Pictured also is the easter basket I made for him using a stuffed animal. I use "I" lightly as my mom (grandma!) made lot of it... but I did to the last bit of hand stitching that is holding it all together! Anyways, we also filled it with candy for DH and I to partake in.

After the photo op, we went off to a fabulous lunch at a resort of the shore. We had 17 people (16 adults) in our party! My parents, DH and I, my three siblings and their respective SOs, four family friends, and my sister's ILs. It was a lot of fun! Benjamin slept for most of it, which was good for me! After spending two hours eating we came back to my parents house with everyone and talked and napped for a bit, then got out the supplies to do Ukrainian Eggs. Ukrainian Eggs are a non-edible egg decoration technique. You take an egg and put wax on it where you would like it to stay white, then you put it in a light color, like yellow. Then you put wax on it where you would like it to stay yellow, and then you dye it orange, then you put wax on it where you want it to stay orange and dye it light blue. etc etc etc. When you are done dying the egg, it is almost entirely covered in black wax. You melt off the wax and it reveals your design. I admit my eggs this year turned out mediocre, but I do have past eggs that are neat, and my littler sister did some cool eggs. The first (blue) egg below is the one my little sister made for us that shows two adult panda bears and a baby panda bear, and has our initials, anniversary, and Benjamin's birthday on it. The second egg (dinosaur) is the back of the one I made for Benjamin this year. The third egg is one I made a few years ago and is just decorative.

After we were done dying eggs it was just a relaxing evening. I don't even remember what we did other than we were all VERY FULL of food. We were talking in the car about how many of us there are, and how big our table had to be, and what it will be like when more kids get involved (siblings or cousins for Benjamin!) We were also saying that one of us needs to get a VERY BIG DINING ROOM for future family meals.


Anonymous said...

Aww! I didn't get to see the Panda Egg, or your fun design egg! I think the dinosaur is great :-)


Sarah Dee said...

Those eggs are really neat, thanks for explaining. I hadnt heard of it before.

Benjamin is looking great!