Sunday, December 16, 2012


I want to post about Sandy Hook, how I feel about it, and some thoughts on it. But, its so complicated, and I am not sure what I want to say, and But I do not have time. Its already 10pm.

I also want to post about Christmas cookies and the baking adventures with my mom. But I do not have time, its already 10pm.

We had so much we were supposed to get done this weekend. Virtually none of it happened. But, we spent a lot of time with family and a lot of time together. We baked cookies with my family. DH went out and played laser tag with three of my siblings (we count ILs as siblings in this family). I went out with my sisters to see Twilight again. DH and I played a lot of a video game Borderlands (the first one, not the newer one)

I want to say more. But its already 10pm.  I need to get to bed and get ready for another week. There is only 16 days until Christmas, so much to do!!

Good night!

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