Sunday, December 23, 2012

Its All About Perspective

The message board I frequent does a "high and low of your weekend" post every Monday. For quite sometime, the high of my weekends have all been spending time with family, whether it be my ILs when we got to travel, DH and Benjamin on our own, or my siblings and parents here.

 This weekend I did get to spend a lot of time with DH and Benjamin, as always, but it was not as quality of time as I would like because I felt so rotten. Even after my stomach stopped twirling, I was (actually still am) weak and easily fatigued, achy, headachey. Not fun. And my milk supply is suffering greatly. I hope it returns soon as I re-hydrate the 10 pounds of (presumably mostly) hydration I lost in my illness. DH was awesome and picked up so much slack, playing nurse and single dad on Friday night, then doing more than his fair share the rest of the weekend as I bounced around being pathetic. I think we will manage to pull of Christmas despite ourselves.
I wanted to take a moment to record a bit about what Benjamin is up to. Its amazing how fast Benjamin is changing and I would not want to miss it. Benjamin is a confident walker now and has been for a few days. I believe that he thinks his walking is more normal than we do, as we still are caught by surprise when he just gets up and walks away from us (or to us, or just around). It blows our mind! He is walking! How is this so!? He even occasionally tries to run, though he can't quite keep his balance for it yet.

For quite sometime he has hated diaper changes, but lately, I think because he is so much more confident at standing, he has taken to trying to stand up, and wanting to hug us the entire time. Its really hard to get through a diaper change when you are getting little hugs. I just want to hug him forever.

DH wants to get Benjamin a job at the movie store because Benjamin is fascinated with taking DVDs off the shelf, trying to get them open, and trying to get the DVDs out. Luckily he is not very good at getting them open. Yet.

Benjamin likes to have you start reading books, and then stop you or walk away when you are 1-2 pages in, so that he can go find another book for you to read. There are a couple books he lets you get farther into. Mainly "Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See" and "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See". He also seems to like his Christmas book "Bear Stays up for Christmas". Continuing with the bear theme, Benjamin has recently figured out the word Teddy Bear. No, he does not say it, not even close (pretty much all words are "DA" to him.  But he understands that the picture of the teddy bear in the book is the same as the teddy bear we show him outside the book, and knows the word when we say it. I have been teaching him to hug his teddy bears and rub their soft fur on his face. Its pretty much adorable.

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