Saturday, December 8, 2012

11 Months

Last Wednesday, Benjamin turned 11 months old. One month until the big #1!

I have kept you pretty up to date on his development. He seems to grow and change so fast recently. I think I put on facebook, but forgot to put here, that last week he said his first word. It was Moo. HAHAH! yeah. My kid moo-ed as the first time that he associated a sound with something external without prompting.

He is definitely walking now! I picked him up from daycare on Thursday and they said "he is walking!!" and I said "we have seen him take a lot of steps but I don't know at what point that becomes walking" and she said "he is definitely walking! And now its obvious. Now, he will walk to get from point A to point B, not just because he is trying to walk or show off. He can walk pretty much as far as he wants/needs to if he is concentrating - which he does not do often, and once he falls down once he goes to crawling. I have yet to see him go from on the ground to sitting without the assistance of something (at least a few inches off the ground), though I hear reports he can do it from others.

Today at lunch for the first time he successfully managed to get a spoon to his mouth with food on it. This is really two feats - getting the food on the spoon, and keeping it there until it gets to his mouth. He did it once with sour cream (which was quite easy), and then once with taco meat (a bit more challenging!).

He is outgrowing some 12m stuff, but his 12m pants are still too long. I think he might be long-torsoed like his grandpa K. I need to take inventory of the 18m wardrobe we received from a friend to see what items he needs stocked up, and also we need to get him shoes! He has little winter boots Grandma Y got him, which are great for keeping his toes warm!

 I might add here later if I think of anything else, but for now that is it!! 

He is refusing bottles at daycare left and right, some days he only takes 3-5 ounces now there. He has yet to eat off of me today. He is

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