Monday, March 11, 2013

Growing Boy

Its possible Benjamin is having growing pains. Or teething. Or a developmental spurt. Or all three.

He is fussy and not sleeping well, that is for sure.

And his mouth hurts, that is for sure.

And this morning, when I was done getting him dressed, and he stood up on the changing table to hug me (to get down), I noticed he was tall. How long has he been this tall?? So I stuck him  next to the mark on the wall that we measured him at at 1 year. As DH puts it,. that was a generous measurement (maybe too high), and he is not at least an inch and a half past it. Maybe two inches past it. Crazy.

That also means he has probably officially outgrown his infant car seat for height. He was getting close and we were avoiding using them for the most part, but now I think I have to say that he is TOO TALL for that car seat.

What a big boy....

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Allison said...

Crazy how it happens when you aren't paying attention, isn't it?

I hope he's in less pain soon--that's no fun. N has been in a clingy phase recently, too.