Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recurring Themes

About time for a non-baby post, don't you think?

There are a few recurring themse in my life. I am not talking about deep serious things, though those exist as well. For today I am talking about two things - recurring projects/goals that never quite become permanent, and recurring fiction.

Recurring Projects
- Meal planning! I will do great at it for a couple weeks or even a couple months, but then things get busy, or we go on a trip, or we have a week where meal planning doesn't make sense (like too  much going on, lots of eating out planned), and I fall out of it and "just get by" in the meal department for awhile. This is where I am with this right now! Just scraping by, day by day. I wish I could just stick with it!
- Laundry! I will get a good routine for Laundry for a week or two and then totally fail and just let it stack up everywhere.
- Dishes. Same as Laundry.
- Budgeting/spending stuff. 

There is definitely more, but I can't think of it right now. It can be hard to make LASTING change!! Luckily in the grand scheme these things don't matter too much. Do you have any projects that just keep coming back?

Recurring fiction!!
Duh! You know what they are. Harry Potter and Twilight. Eek! The main reason I bring this up is because Breaking Dawn Part II (movie) just came out on DVD and I am enjoying it quite a bit. And, it got me reading the book again. The writing is SO BAD, but the story and ideas are so addictive I can't help myself. I meant to just re-read one section, but I now have read over 200 pages of it.....

That is all. :)

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Allison said...

I struggle with a lot of those regular projects that you mention. The thing I've found is that if I jump back on the bandwagon, I usually have a longer time between relapses. For instance, we used to regularly let laundry pile up, but the more we made an effort to get it done and keep up on it, the better we did. Then when we fell off the wagon, we'd get back on and it would take longer to fall off the wagon next time. Laundry is our big one.