Sunday, March 3, 2013

Perfect Weekend Day (and Sleep Diary Update)

Benjamin slept really well last night again! He woke up around 10:30pm and needed comforting. Then he slept until around 1am, and then until 6:20am! It was really great only getting up once overnight to feed him! (DH went at 10:30, we were still awake).

Today was pretty great. DH got up with Benjamin at 6:20 and came downstairs and gave him breakfast while I slept an extra little bit, then I played with Benjamin and packed his swim bag. We went to his first swim lesson of this session. It was kind of rough. I did not get in the water because my swimsuit is too big (you know, the one I bought last fall thinking "oh yeah I can get a great nice mommy suit and it will last a long time"... does not work when you keep losing weight and your boobs shrink back down to size...). Anyways, he was a bit fussy and scared, but by the end he was really splashing and having fun. After that we went out and ran some errands, did Target for awhile, which we always enjoy. Benjamin got to run around a little in there, which is new. We got lunch at Noodles&Co (which Benjamin and I love), oh how he digs their pesto. Then we walked around the mall, he tried to climb the books at B&N, marveled over the mannequins and survived a popped balloon indecent in Old Navy. Then I popped into the used baby clothes store while Benjamin and DH napped in the car.

Back home, Benjamin continued his nap for over an hour MORE while DH cleaned up the living room and I watched Breaking Dawn #1 (Twilight #4). When Benjamin woke up he was super cheerful and fun. We colored in his new (dollar spot) coloring book, ate an orange, and he played hide and seek with dad (Benjamin did the seeking). We skyped with G&G St Louis while I made chicken tacos. We gave Benjamin a whole, assembled taco instead of the taco parts we normally do, and he loved it. Since dinner was relatively early compared to a week night, we had plenty of time after for more books, games, and a couple rounds of "chase the dog". Then we got Benjamin bundled up in his PJs and had a quick and easy bedtime.

We are sitting down to watch Breaking Dawn #2 now. I am going to make a nice cup of grog and we will snuggle up and watch. Perfect weekend day.

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