Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sleep Diary: See Saw Again..

Benjamin slept like a CHAMP while DH was out of town. It was great. He actually even went the whole night without eating and without needing tending! (He did wake up, but went back down on his own before I responded).

Then DH got back. I am not saying this caused it, there are plenty of other explanations, but now Benjamin has been sleeping poorly for about a week. He has been waking up more, wanting more feedings, harder to put back down...

I assume this is just how life works and he will see saw back the other direction.

Hopefully rapidly because I am getting tired.... Its funny how fast I adjust to his sleep improvements. His "bad" sleep this week is identical to his "good" sleep from a month ago (wants to eat every 4 hrs... etc). But yet it feels SO BAD. haha....

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