Monday, March 18, 2013

THAT season...

Its getting to be a time of year I forgot existed.

A time of year that does not exist in Columbus, OH, but is quite prevalent in Northern Minnesota.

It is the time of year where everyone feels like winter should be over, but its not. The time of year when the snow is piling up so much that the streets are little and narrow, and then full of slush on the occasional warm days. When it snows, you are not quite sure where to put the snow you shovel, because there is already snow there. It will warm up for a week, even sneak into the forties, and then drop another foot of snow and have single digit temperatures.

That is the time of year it is. I am thinking, if my childhood memory serves me, we have about another month of this at least before Spring really starts to take hold. I am basing this on Easter recollections of snowy ground. Every year after we searched the house for Easter eggs we would hop out onto the stoop to make sure the Easter bunny had not hid any outside. He never did, because the weather was usually uncooperative.

If you are wondering, no, this post does not have a point. But its my blog so I can write what I want! HAHA

Here. How about some kid stuff to add interest?

Benjamin likes being outside. He is fascinated by the snow and loved to try and pick it up, move it, lean on it. He is out of whatever grumpy period he was going through (whether teething or developmental), and has been very cheerful the last few days. Which is great, since I am playing single mom. I feel bad saying "playing single mom" because I feel like its insulting to real single mom's somehow? But that's how it feels to me. Like a game - Can I do this? Can I keep the house CLEANER alone than with DH here? hahaha. If I do, its not because he does not help, its because I spend my evenings alone cleaning instead of socializing and doing stuff with him. Evenings are pretty easy. Mornings are the more stressful time. Trying to shower, hoping Benjamin does not wake up, making sure I have everything, getting the car turned on (its supposed to be COLD tomorrow, normally we would start the cars 10 minutes before we left - hard to do with a toddler in tow), getting everything out to the car, having my lunch and breakfast packed, etc. Its an adventure! Two days to go....

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