Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playing Single Parent

The five BEST things about Playing Single Parent
5. Catch up on "me" time and "Mommy" time.
4. I don't have to feel bad for hogging the laptop all evening.
3. Trying out new Recipes DH would never eat
2. King Size Bed all to myself... no husband to steal covers, no dog to crowd us.
1. Being reminded why we live in Duluth as my awesome family steps up to help me out.

Also, I thought I would take this opportunity to comment on my awesome neighbors, who I hardly know. We really are not very social and I do not know my neighbors well, but we have a trash fairy and a snow Santa. Trash fairy is the mysterious someone who puts our trash out on Monday's when we forget. No idea who does this and its so nice of them!! Snow Santa is a neighborhood man who looks like Santa and occasionally runs his snow blower along our sidewalks, significantly reducing our workload. He did this today just by chance and very much saved my butt in terms of shoveling.

The five WORST things about Playing Single Parent
5. I have to scoop kitty litter
4. I have to take out the trash
3. Benjamin Misses DH
2. No backup for parenting - inconvenient and sometimes feeling unsafe
1. Missing my Husband :(

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