Friday, March 12, 2010

As I was saying...

Little updates on things I am sure you want to know about:

River continues to be an escape artist. Yesterday, despite being crated when I left with the latch properly locked, she greeted me at the door. I went upstairs with some trepidation to find out exactly how she got out. Turns out she just flat out pushed out the front door, snapping part of the plastic that holds the door on. I spent the hour and forty-five minutes that I was home first walking her, then cleaning up the mess she had made (some poop of course, and every shoe in the house had been dragged to the middle of the room, one sandal destroyed), and then devising a way to fix the cage. I did not have the tools or abilities necessary to find a real solution to the broken cage, so I ended up putting the new, solid crate inside of the larger, wire crate. So, the puppy is now double-crated. It has worked twice so far, we will see how long it takes her to figure out an escape route.

My finger is healing. It still is UGLY, looks like there is a centimete cut across the pad of the right middle finger, but it does not hurt anymore, and is actually just a seem of dead skin that has yet to detach itself. It finally stopped tingling, which was a problem for the last week or so, and last night I caught it on something and it did not even hurt!!

Book club last night for Sense and Sensability. It was fun. We talked about the book a little, which is always nice, but I found I had the most to say about it of anyone, which does not make for much of a conversation. I do have fun at book club, but something has got to give if I want to simplify my schedule, and one or both book clubs might be it.

I do not have big weekend plans, we are having people over to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (extended version) on Saturday night, and I am visiting Grandma's, as I won't be able to for the next two weeks. Other than that, its puppy time (I hope we can go to Alum Creek Resevoir, I am Lake-Sick... that is similar to home sickness), reading time, and perhaps a movie or two. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Sarah Dee said...

I will be so sad if you drop classics and cocktails. :( You're my favorite part.