Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trivia Rockstar

Once again, I find I have many things to post about and will probably be posting three posts in a short ammount of time. Thats just how I roll. LOL.

First, I want to thank Allison for pointing out my math was wrong in the reading update post. The reason it was wrong was because I had a typo, the reading goal I set for myself was 40,000 pages, not 10,000.

Second, answers to last weeks trivia questions:
What year did Coldplay release their first Album? -- 2000
What type of lens sends light rays away from one another? -- Concave
What is the name of the first Harry Potter book, as released in the UK? -- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
What movie is the quote “Open the Shuttle Door, Hal” from? -- 2001 A Space Odysset

Then, finally, to tell you about our great trivia success. Our team, FYC, used to be very good and frequently score in the top three, "in the money" as the top three get gift certificates for the resteraunt where the trivia is held. Well, all that success was before DH and I started coming. Maybe we were bad luck, maybe the people we replaced were trivia geniuses. Whatever the case, DH an I had never seen the top three. That changed last night. We got third place, and I played a major contributing role for once!! I single handedly got the anagram, which is unheard of, I am really bad at anagrams, that is just now how my brain works. Here is the anagram.

Rearrange the letters in the following phrase to form the name of a famous actor:

african led field

It should be a huge giveaway that I am the one that got this answer!! Here are the other questions I helped with:

Who wrote the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
Where in Europe was hops first used to brew beer?
How do you spell the word commiserate? (clearly the question was asked verbally)
What two countries border Liechtenstein?

Then there is the one question on which I utterly failed, and my sister will be so disapointed. I just could not remember: What is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey?

Sorry LEKT!

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Laurelyn said...

you fialed? lol

daniel radcliff (i'm not going to check the spelling... haha)


crap i should know that. germany and belgian? nono... nevermind, i don't know


ps i don't know what my comment to your most recent post showed up twice...