Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we headed up to Toledo to attend a wedding between two friends from my graduate school. It was a very relaxing weekend - not worrying about the housework that needed done or goals going unfinished, just doing what we felt like and what was fun.

The wedding ceremony was pretty and sweet, and the reception was very well organized and beautiful. The reception was at a old country club with hardwood and windows overlooking the golf course. There was a cocktail hour where waiters carried around trays of gourmet goodies, and then a sit down meal with amazing food. Eventually there was dancing, of course, and there was the basketball tournament on for those who cared. We had a lot of fun! The only two hitches - for all the good service, there was a major glitch with the cake (they either did not have enough cake for everyone, or did not cut a grooms cake they were supposed to cut), and the coffee service, which seemed to just skip tables at random, and the DJ insisting upon turning up the volume way too high. Everything else was spectacular!

Sunday morning I got up "early", that is earlier than everyone else (this may have had something to do with me being the designated driver... well... I was technically not drinking because I was the DD but DH ended up not drinking because he is watching his empty calories, and he ended up driving). Anyways, I got up early and went swimming. It was wonderful!! Then back to the room for a hot shower and lazing around waiting for everyone to get moving. We watched the start of some Jet Li movie that I want to figure out what it is and go back to. Once everyone was roused (10:30am?) we got together and headed out to the famous "Paco's", the resteraunt that Klinger continually raves about in M*A*S*H. We ate chili and hotdogs, fried pickles, and wandered around the resteraunt looking at Hot Dog buns signed by famous people. You know, Toledo has a reputation of being ugly, the "arm-pit of Ohio", and I can see where it get's that reputation. There is a lot of empty lots and a lot of factories right along what could be a beautiful river front, that said, the suburb the wedding was in was beautiful (full of big old houses), and there are lots of beautiful churches there, just scattered about all the neighborhoods. It was fun! A leisurly drive home, arriving to a clean house. We spend the evening reading on the sun porch, and then I came inside and watched Dirty Dancing.

Overall, a very relaxing weekend!

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