Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Not sure why, but I have never been huge on St. Patrick's Day, which is odd since pretty much every other holiday I look at as a great excuse to have fun, decorate, and in general just make the day different. Today, I am not wearing green. I might have tried to wear green if it had been easy, but the green shirt I bought in December (to wear w/red for Christmas, LOL), is currently missing.

In other news... well, not much. The week is creeping by. I had trivia last night (a night early), which makes it feel like today should be Thursday, but its not.

Random note - I realized the paint colors in my part of the building are the same as in my house (almost) - a slightly darker red than our bright red that is in our Kitchen/family room, and almost an identical shade of blue as what we have in the living room.

Random note - we have been vaguely looking at some used dining sets on craigslist, we want something elegant, cherry, and relatively big (or gets big with leaves). We went to look at one table, but we did not like it because the leaves turned it into a square rather than making it longer. That would totally not work in our room, and I don't find it to be elegant.

Random note - I am adding learning to play the Piano to my bucket list. Also considering adding other instruments.

That is all for now folks!!

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Bob said...

Happy St Pat's Day from 60F snow all gone Minnesota. Re "other instruments" have you considered playing the fiddle?