Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hockey Time!!

Last Wednesday DH proposed that we go to an OSU hockey game over the weekend, and I readily agreed. OSU was playing Notre Dame in the first round of playoffs. After work on Friday we headed down to the first game of the three game series. Due to last minute scheduling of playoffs, and conflict with the high school state wrestling finals, the game was being held in the small arena at OSU instead of the Schottenstien. The Schottenstien holds something like 16,000 people. The small Arena, more like 600. It is a tiny building with the rink and one side lined with your basis metal bleachers. We sat in the second row, about 8 feet from the ice. It was pretty amazing. The game was awesome. It was a very close game, and Notre Dame seemed to have it more together than OSU, but in the third period we pulled ahead 2-1 with an amazing centering pass, and then 3-1 with a great break away. My throat was hoarse from screaming. OSU has some great players, I especially will be keeping my eye on #26 Peter Boyd, his puck handling skills were impressive.

Also, as an extra bonus, it turns out (most logically) that if you want to meet Minnesota transplants to Columbus, you should go to a hockey game. The man sitting in front of us was from Northfield, MN, and he ran into another man he knew (that he introduced us to) that is from Cloquet, MN (a "suburb" of my hometown, Duluth).


Laurelyn said...

where else would you find Minnesotans in this southern state in the middle of a mid-winter melt-down? :-D

Laurelyn said...
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