Friday, April 30, 2010

About those goals...

It is 1 hr from the end of April. I set myself plenty of goals for the month and I can't believe how the time flew by. My organization has not improved one ounce. One step. One goal. I just can't get started. Here is the irony of it though - on my "to do" list for April was to read the organization book I bought. It is called "Organize Yourself" and has been around for quite some time. I did not start it until last night. The first chapter is about Procrastination. It asks, within the first few lines, 'do you put off tasks until the night before the deadline?" I almost laughed out loud. It also talks about a lot of reasons people procrastinate and states you need to figure out your own reason. Some proposed reasons that struck a chord: its just easier to let it go, I over-estimate the time or effort the task will take "inflating" the difficulty to an insurmountable height (this tends to happen especially with making phone calls, filling out forms, etc). I also have a tendency to get overwhelmed if there is too many tasks or too large of a task - I just don't have that organization bug that my sister possesses. If I am going to make any progress towards my New Years Resolution, I am going to need to prioritize it more, and change the way I think about going about it. Organization certainly is one of my dragons at the moment - that and puppy obedience!!

In the spirit of focusing on the positive, I will say things I did do this month: I did go to see LEKT and had a wonderful time. I went hiking. I read a large chunk of Ulysses, though I am not quite finished. I took the dogs to the dog park about once a week, and squeezed in some longer walks as well. I cooked slightly more than in the previous month, and planned more meals. I got my garden bed ready for vegatable planting, and, of course, I made Springtime Dessert!

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