Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's Fool, Resolutions Re-tooled

It is now April 1st. We are officially 1/4 of the way through the year (by months.. not days actually). I think its a good time to pause and reflect, to look at how I am doing on my goals for this year and how I am feeling about life in general.

Here are my New Years Resolutions, and how I feel like I am doing on them:

1) Get Organized!!!

Lets face it, I have hardly touched this one. I did buy some storage containers that SLIGHTLY improved the use of our front closet and cabinet under the sink. That is pathetic though. I have not read the organization book I bought. I hardly have cut back on activities or tried to manage my time. We have slightly improved in responding to mail, but not by much. We have not fixed our filing. We are not keeping the house cleaner. We have not purged anything. I need to step up and get working on this. Clearly I need to set some smaller goals.

(2) Cook More, Eat Healthier

I have made some progress here, but there is more room for improvement. This task was LARGELY assisted by my Lent resolution to give up fast food, which took away the quick and easy option. I have been bezzling less, snacking less, and paying more attention to portions. The ammount of meals eaten at home has slightly increased. My weight has stabilized (I had been in a long gain), but is not really dropping. DH is also very into exercise/diet (on his own personal 90 day program), so I would really like to step this up another notch.

(3) Reading Goal
Finally, one I am doing decently on! The goal was to read 40K pages and to tackle some of the tomes I have been meaning to get to. I currently have read 10621 pages, meaning that I am 26.5525% done with my goal with 24.6575% of the year gone. I am just ahead of the curve, but will have to keep it up to finish this! As for the tomes, well, I am working on one. Sort of.

(4) Grimmy Grim
I have increased the ammount of walking I do with Grim, but not as much as my resolution called for. I will walk her longer if its beautiful out and I am not in a hurry. The puppy complicated this resolution significantly because she was too cold to take long walks before it started getting nice.

So... in Other Words ---
So what am I going to do about all of these resolutions? Not time to give up yet! I still have 9 months to achieve my resolutions! I think its time to break them down a little! Here are my goals for the month of April.

(1) Get Organized!!
a. Read my organization book
b. Clean out the rest of underneath the cabinet and buy appropriate organization bins to keep it clean
c. Make a list of all activities that I regularly partake in, including puppy time, and prioritize them, and act on my schedule accordingly.
d. Sit down with DH and make a list of all the little projects that are waiting to get done around the house.
e. Take Stock of My Office and figure out what exactly needs to be done to make it functional

(2) Cook More, Eat Healthier
a. Plan 2 meals for each week in advance (starting this weekend), and execute them. Ask DH to cook one meal a week.

(3) Reading
a. Finish Ulysses by the end of the month

(4) Grimmy Grim
a. Take advantage of the one day per week DH is handling dinner to take the dogs to the dog park.
b. Continue to try and walk them longer whenever the weather is decent.

Other April Goals -
(5) Clean the Garden Bed out and plant seeds inside to start
(6) Go Hiking
(7) Visit LEKT
(8) Make Springtime Dessert
(9) Visit Alum Creek Lake or another large Body of water (well, not that large)
(10) Order Pictures

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