Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Nice Weekend

OK. Back to the weekend after that short interlude.

Friday was the second and third round of the NFL draft. We watched the first part of it, then DH got annoyed with the coverage and we played video games instead (Me Rock Band, DH Defense of the Ancients). I got my first perfect on expert on guitar in Rock Band. It was on a song called Pretend We Are Dead. I proceeded to immediately do it again on We've Got the Beat. Is it sad that I am proud? Anyways, then we reconvened and watched some Red Wings hockey.

Saturday I headed up towards Burton in NE Ohio to visit my sister and her friend who was visiting from Chicago, 0. It was a lot of fun. We ate lunch at a Amish general store, I tried Maple Cream Soda, which was delicious at first and then by the end you could not notice the difference between it and regular cream soda (just sweet). We went to a farm so my sister could knock up a horse (artificial insemination). After that fun was over (0 and I stayed outside and took pictures of the already-present foal) we meandered up to Lake Erie via random back roads (OK, nearly everything in that Area is random backroads) and found a small city park w/beach access. It was cloudy and had been raining, but that did not stop us from roaming the beach, and me from wading in the very cold water. It was nice to be by a great lake again! Also, from the beach we could see the nuclear power plant, which I found fascinating. When my feet got cold we turned back, and stopping for a brief ride on the sliding ring in the playground, made our way back to the car and headed to Mentor, OH. In Mentor we went book shopping, first at B&N and then at Half Price Books, where I could not resist purchasing a copy of "Moore's Poetical Works". It is a very old copy with colered engraving boarders on each page, very beautiful. I have researched it a bit now and it was published in 1884. I have not read it yet, but I plan to. Its fascinating to think I am holding something that may have been in someone's library that long ago - thinking about them reading it. I could eassily become a collector of antique books if I had the space and money. As it is, I will probably just pick up inexpensive ones here and there!

Anyways, we eventually headed to dinner at Red Robin (yum), then after determining DQ had closed everywhere, went back to LEKTs house and hung out until we all fell asleep, quite exhausted. In the morning LEKT and I went out to breakfast (0 is not a morning person), then I helped LEKT treat a Llama's goopy eye, then I headed home.

Despite the random weather (intermittent beautiful sunshine, drizzle, and heavy downpours), back in Columbus I met my friend R and we headed out to hike. We drove back up to Mt Gilead State Park and had a nice time walking the trails. It was nice catching up with her, with both of us working full time it feels like we never get to talk. After we finished hiking we headed back to Columbus and went to Aladdin's for cake and tea.

That was my whirlwind of a weekend! I spent the evening trying to adjust to the idea that I had to return to work on Monday morning. This process was somewhat unsuccesful, and therefore contributed to my bad mood on Monday.

That is all. Perhaps pictures to follow?

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