Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Movies, Good Friends

Still sick, but getting better? Maybe?
Friday night we watched baseball, I watched a bad movie called Tran-Siberian. I thought it was highly acclaimed. If I am right about that, the people who reviewed it and acclaimed it need to be fired. It was an unrealistic, poorly acted, improbable story that slowly devolved into a torture flick, not something I particularly enjoy.

Saturday I alternately laid around and worked on getting the house clean. Tylenol Severe Cold syrup is my friend. I did not really feel that bad, just tired and like I couldn't breath, same old story, isn't it? In the evening I had Girl's Night. We ate delicious food, grilled kebobs, chatted a lot, played some rockband, and then sat around a fire and made smores. The weather was perfect for it and I could not have asked for a more relaxing night, except perhaps being able to breath.

Today I had two goals: do the dishes from last night and relax. I accomplished the latter, though not enough for my taste, and have yet to do the former. Right now, as I blog, DH and I are watching another atrocious movie - Law Abiding Citizen. In the adds for this movie, it was hard to tell whether it was a detective/lawyer movie or a vigilante movie. Well, turns out there is a reason for that - even an hour and forty minutes in I am not sure if we are cheering for the lawyer or the guy in jail. Its not that I approve of what the guy in jail is doing, but the lawyer is so incredibly unlikeable, and I have no emotional attachments to anyone except the guy in prison who is killing people left and right. And, instead of getting more clever as it goes on, the movie becomes less probable until ultimately it is ridiculous.

I did get four other movies this weekend, from the library, which I pln to watch over the coming days. Hopefully they don't suck this much. Maybe I will now put on Shrek the Third and wash those dishes... if I can stay on my feet that long. LOL.

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Allison said...

Shrek the Third was cute--I watched it last night!