Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cleveland Jaunt

Tuesday I made a quick trip up to Cleveland. My little sister and mom are on a cross-country mother-daughter road trip for my sister's 16th Birthday (which was back in January), on her Spring Break. They stayed in Cleveland a few nights with my mom's family that is up there. I took the afternoon off on Tuesday and headed up. I met my Mom and sister and we went to a metro park (state road) where we walked an exercise course and my little sister showed off her athleticism, then we met the entire gang (aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's kids), for dinner at a chinese buffet where I sampled Prawn and Frog Legs for the first time. It was a good time, always to short seeing family, but still nice. I had to leave first because I was exhausted and had the two-hour drive home to contend with.

I also returned to Trivia last night, where I was completely useless. But, that is relatively typical. We were doing well as a team until the final question, which we totally f'ed up. Put these shows in order of their premier date (oldest to newest) - Coach, Full House, Roseanne.


Rachel said...

Our vote is
Full Hous
Although I think it's really hard because weren't they all around the same time?

Anonymous said...

full house


Laurelyn said...

i'm guessing roseanne coach fullhouse