Friday, April 23, 2010

A Somewhat Green Post

Now that I have gotten that rant out of the way (sorry if it offended anyone), how about an update on my life?

DH has spent the last two days home sick, poor guy. I don't know if he has the same thing I did or not, but I doubt it since that would indicate an incredible long incubation period that just seems ridiculous. Besides that, even though he was home sick, he spent part of today (a small part, don't worry) fertiziling a small section of the lawn. Our lawn looks HORRIBLE. We are very bad at taking care of it. This is the first place I lived that there were neighbors to worry about in terms of lawn care. DH is a bit mad at the next door neighbors because the first summer we were here there was no dandelions in our yard and tons in theres, last summer there was a few in our yard, and now ours is as bad as theirs. DH does not want to pass on the disease to others, lol, so he wants to do some lawn treatments. We have even considered hiring a company to come do it, but I am worried about the chemicals and the dogs. I don't like the idea of toxic grass. For now we are putting down some simple fertilizer, if that does not help we will research other pet safe options.

In work news, my building is finally starting a recycling program for cans/bottles etc. I know I have only been there a few months, but seriously, this is 2010, they should have had recycling for five years at least!! I went to the kick off and got some free green pepper seeds, signed up for the raffles, and volunteered to help empty the recylcing container from my area into the dumpster. I hope they got a lot of volunteers or I will get stuck doing it all the time (I was the first to sign up for my area). In general, work is going well. I am very caught up, I am closing a lot of cases. Last week for the first time I closed as many cases as I got, which is the ultimate production goal (to do this consistently). It was 13 cases. This past week I only closed 8 again (which is about what I was averaging before the 13).

DH and I spent the last two nights watching the NFL draft. We are very interested in the outcome, and very disapointed by the coverage. DH is disapointed because they don't show many clips of the players getting drafted, have poor timing in the announcements, and are a running commercial for verizon. I am disapointed because they keep staying stupid things that contradict things they said earlier. For example, spending 20 minutes talking about how its so surprising Tim Tebow went in the first round, and then asking 30 seconds later if people think the Bronco's got the best value of the night by drafting him (value meaning he should have been drafted earlier than he was). Another case of logic not being the most valued commodity around... Anyways, I stayed up watching last night to see the Vikings pick, and then they went and traded it away. Tonight they drafted a couple of players I am less than certain about, and I am completely at a loss as to why they would draft a RB when they have the best in the league (Adrian Peterson), and there are other positions they could use.

Puppy's behavior has been getting more and more out of hand (more hyperness, inability to calm down, etc). I did some reading online tonight about being the Alpha, and putting it into practice. She certainly seems to respond to at least some of it (such as working on the sit/stay command to calm her down and assert dominance gently). We decided its time to start obedience school and we signed up for a class starting Monday, May 3rd. Wish us luck!!

Sounds like its raining outside. That makes me smile.

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Allison said...

No offense to me, in case you were worried ;)

I hope the hubby feels better soon!