Monday, June 7, 2010

Already? Thursday?

I have been working on this post all week and now its almost the next weekend before I post about the last! What a rat race. LOL.

This past weekend consisted of two distinct periods - one of absolute craziness, and one of absolute exhaustion.

Friday night, as planned, I headed out with a couple of friends to attend my first CAPA Classic Movie. We were going to see Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock) at the Ohio Theater in downtown Columbus. DH was supposed to go as well, but he had all sorts of work issues and had to stay home by the computer. Anyways, I headed off, picked up J and D, and then headed to T's house, who promptly announced his plans had changed as well, and while he could do the movie still, dinner was out. We headed downtown and parked near the theater. Ohio Theater is absolutely gorgeous for those of you who have not had the chance to see it. The movie was interesting, not nearly as dark as I had imaged it would be, and very theatrical. After the movie it took us almost 20 minutes just to get out of the parking garage. We headed back to T's house and switched back to my car, and then debated the options for dinner. By this time it was past 10:30pm and we did not know where kitchen's would be opened. We started talking about what resteraunts we used to go to late night in high school and college, and before you know it we were headed for Perkins, my late night highschool stand by. Ah, the memories. Now, the thing is, J, D, and I hanging out together without others is sort of unprecedented and I was not sure what to expect. Ultimately there were some awkward moments, but we had some good conversations as the evening went on and I would not be afraid to do it again. I dropped them both off and arrived home around 12:30pm.

Saturday morning I was supposed to go to the farmer's market with M. At 7:20am a thunder storm right overhead with torrential down pour woke me up. At 7:40am I got up and called M, cancelling the trip due to weather. The storm went on for another half hour, it was quite impressive. I love big thunder storms!! It was good we cancelled for another reason - I had a horrible headache, so I took drugs and went back to bed. I was woken up at 10:30am by DH telling me M and T were trying to reach me. I called T back first and found out that we had forgotten that it was the day of the Victorian Village Garage sale. He invited me to come down and join him. I sprinted out of bed, headache gone, and threw on some clothes while calling M back, who apparently had decided at like 8:30am that maybe we should try the farmers market after all, of course by 10:30 it was pretty much too late. Anyways, I drove down and met T on Neal Avenue and we spent 2 hrs wandering the area and finding some select treasures. It was so nice just hanging out with him and chatting. T is one of my favorite people I met in my program, since the first weekend I visited Columbus. He is just so easy to talk to and I very much enjoy his company. After were were tired of walking and had covered most the area we grabbed lunch, then I headed home.

Saturday evening we had a birthday gathering to go to. We met at M's house, where they all surprised me embarrisingly with a large cutout of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). They could have at least got my Jacob! The funniest part though is that I had been plotting to do the same thing to J, another Twiligh fan. They beat me to it. After a photo op that turned out shockingly realistic we headed for gallery hop, where we browsed the galleries then settled in at MoJoe's for drinks. It was a nice evening, and again a late one, made even later by the fact that when we got home the puppy was wound up, despite having been only crated for 4-5 hrs all day (normally she is crated 10 hrs!). She kept me up all night pretty much, I got probably 4 hrs of interrupted and very spotty sleep. In the morning I felt like jello, but I couldn't really sleep either. I spent the day alternating between reading and sleeping until dinner time, at which time I finally bucked up, cleaned up, and took the dogs for a hour walk out by Westerville Community Center, hoping it would help River reset her clock and sleep through the night. It worked. Sunday night was relatively peaceful.

And that was the weekend. Other random things I feel the need to post about, now that its Thursday -

-- Another person from my unit at work left. That puts us from 6 newbies to begin with down to 3, with three months until probation. Apparently my class of 52 has lost 17 members already. We may have 50% attrition before the probation is up.

-- Since June 1st we are watching our budget, and I am watching my waistline - counting dollars and calories. It is going relatively smoothly. I actually am surprised how easy it has been to eat an appropriate ammount of calories, I hardly have felt deprived at all. Now its just persistance. I am using to track calories, fitness, and weight.

-- Earlier this week I reached the half way point of my reading goal for the year, slightly before the year is half up. In other words, I have read over 20,000 pages so far this year.

-- I am trying to figure out what I want this summer, you know, what I want to get out of summer. I am not getting very far and summer is already racing by. It does not help that so much of summer is already planned for me!! This weekend we have Friday night and Saturday night plans. Next weekend I hope to visit my sister. The weekend after that we have a wedding and my sister might visit us. The weekend after that is the fourth of July - we are headed to Illinois to celebrate with a friend from college. Then weekend of July 17th we head to New Jersey to see friends. August brings my little sister for a visit, and before I know it, the summer will be over. Now, all of these things are fun! for sure. But they don't leave much time for any other goals or smaller activities - like getting Grim trained up to go to the farmer's market, or finding a good pool to visit around Columbus, host BBQs with friends, try new summer recipes based on local harvest finds, or anything like that. The only thing I have come up with that would be really nice to do this summer that is not already planned is go to Cedar Point. We went two years ago and it was SO much fun, I would love to go again.

At least if summer rushes by, I won't notice the heat too much. I have loved the recent rain, and am said that we are not supposed to have a hot streak rising to 90+. Boo.
We will see what happens.

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Sarah Dee said...

I was wondering about your reading progress when I was driving this weekend. Congratulations on the half way point!