Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the meantime...

I am writing this while on hold with a hospital in Phoenix. I need their Tax ID number and they can't find someone to give it to me. Meanwhile, I am stuck in the case unable to work on anything else on my computer until I finish up this item on this case, so I figured, why not pull up a notepad and write that long overdue blog entry?
I wrote a blog entry last Thursday or Friday, but Blogger ate it. It went something like this, only more eloquently: "I am pathetic. Watching New Moon w/friends on Tuesday totally cheered me up and turned around my bad mood. And, I am ridiculously excited about attending the "Twilight Experience" on June 29th, a 7 hr movie marathon culminating in the midnight showing of the third, new movie, Eclipse. But hey, whatever makes you happy!"
The weekend sped by in a sort of ridiculously fast manner. I drove up to see my sister on Saturday morning. She only has one week (now less than one week) left here in Ohio, and then she is moving home to Minnesota. I arrived to some chaos with the practice she is working for and we ended up driving in circles for a bit, then we had some good Italian food (yummy cheese ravioli!) and finally made it to our goal for the day: The Garfield Mansion, where President Garfield lived shortly before and while he was president. Of course, he was only very briefly president before he was assassinated, so many changes were made to the house after his death. It is the home of the first "Presidential Library" so to speak, when his wife added a beautiful library in memory of all of his work. It is home to a ridiculous number of antique books that I longed to touch and peruse. It was very difficult to keep my hands off!!
After that we headed to the fabric store and I bought fabric for my first sewing project on my new machine that my MIL got me for my Bday (thanks!!!). My sister taught me how to use it. We spent the rest of the weekend, until Sunday around 6pm, sewing, eating, sleeping, watching New Moon, and above all, enjoying one another's company.
It was a good weekend, it just went SO fast. And now I am in the midst of a busy week. Last night was beading at J's house. Tonight is book club. More thoughts on these things later perhaps, but the call is up and I need to go do some work.

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Rachel said...

I thought Laurelyn was coming back in July...?