Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crunching the Numbers - Review to Follow

23 - the number of screens at Lennox theater
1 - the number of screens playing "The Twilight Experience"
287 - the number of seats in the one screen playing "The Twilight Experience"
13 - the number of those seats filled by guys (4.5%)
3 - the number of movies involved in "The Twilight Experience"
7:03 - the on-screen time it takes to show all three Twilight Saga movies.
9.5 - the number of hours I spent at the theater last night

23 - the number of screens at Lennox that had a midnight showing of Eclipse
6601 - the number of seats that were available for Eclipse, assuming my theater was the average size. It seemed from the lines and crowds that most of these theaters were full

Then there is the kicker - the fact I am going to see it again tonight. Guessing I will end up in the theater for about three hours tonight, that would mean that in a 26 hr period, I spent 12.5 hrs at Lennox. Thats a bit much.

I think that they are right when they say this movie might break some opening weekend records...

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