Monday, June 14, 2010

Unexplained Blahs, and a Rant

Despite plenty of good things, I have just been sort of blah for the last few days. The plenty of good things include:

- Going out to dinner on Friday and then to see Chicago (the musical) - the off broadway production. I have seen a lot of musicals, mostly movie versions though. I have been to a few live, but never professional (school and college productions, community theater productions, etc). It was cool to see a professional one, it was a lot of fun. This was my belated birthday present and celebration and it was nice to have a night out with the hubby without him worrying about work. (He has been on call almost non-stop due to a combination of it being the end of the fiscal year and us having lots of July plans that he is saving up time NOT on call for).
- Singing on the Rain on the big screen at CAPA Classic Movie Series on Saturday night
- Spent an hour Saturday, and hour Sunday reading in a coffee shop (caribou coffee, my favorite)
- spoke with my family a lot
- I was actually productive on Saturday, got lots of little housework related things done
- had a very efficient and pleasant shopping trip for some small errands on Sunday

Despite all of these nice things, I am just in a bad mood. I have tried a hot bath, a latte, bad television (watched Transformer's last night on TNT, it was horrible!), a massage (thanks DH), productivity, reading. Nothing has kicked it yet. Have to give something else a try tonight. Any ideas?

Now for the "and a rant" section. Saturday night -Singing in the Rain - lots of fun. We were supposed to go out to dinner afterwards. It was like running my head into a brick wall. Here is how the conversation went:
Us (DH and I) vs Them
Them: Why don't we go to Elevator or O'Shaunessey's
Us: Great! We can walk over there!
Them: We don't want to leave the car. Why would we walk?
Us: There is not much parking up there. I wouldnt know where to park up there.
Them: We don't want to leave the car, I am sure there will be parking, there is always parking.
Us: Why don't you park in DH's garage, it is closer and no worries about getting out afterwards.
Them: Oh we don't want to mess with your garage. Why don't you two walk and we will meet you up there, just pick a resteraunt and call us, they are right next to each other.
Us: No, they are not right next to each other.
Them: I am pretty sure they are, atleast in the same block. How far apart do you think they are?
Us: no, they are not in the same block, I am not positive about the location of the elavator but its not realy in the arena district, whereas O'Shaunessey's is.
Them: I am sure they are really close to one another, like no more than a block apart.
Us: We will go to o'shaunessey's and get a table

-We part ways. DH and I walk the 7-8 blocks to the Arena District. O'Shaunessey's is about 4 blocks from the Elevator we discover. We get a table. DH orders a drink. We get a call. They can't find parking. They want us to leave and go somewhere not downtown. We have to tell the waitress we are leaving and I feel very rude, and very pissed. I have the strong urge to shout "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" but we don't. We go eat dinner at Cap City Diner. It is subdued and slightly awkward. Then we go home.

I enjoy these CAPA movies a lot, but the logistics have been a nightmare. We are supposed to do another on July 1st, and I swear if the others don't agree to meet and walk the whole way, to the movie and dinner, I am not going.

The end.

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