Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Weeks 1 Day

I cannot believe how fast time is moving, or how big Benjamin is getting. It seems like every other day I put on an outfit that was way to big for him a few days ago and now it fits, or is even bordering on small! As of Monday, Benjamin was 11lbs10oz and 23.5 inches long. Almost two feet tall!

On Saturday 2/18 he giggled for the first time. Cutest thing ever. He is definitely tracking with his eyes better and likes "Itsy Bitsy Spider", it makes me want to learn more songs with hand actions. He now rolls over the majority of the time you try to put him into tummy time. We got it on video several times. He also has looked SO CLOSE to rolling from back to front on his own twice in the past day. I don't know if its coming as fast as it looks, or if its just an illusion... It would be very earlier for him to actually do it, but he looks close enough that we will be being much more careful about where we leave him.

We have been using the swing now for over a week and it was a great purchase. Sometimes when he gets tierd he becomes quite distraught and is only calmed by constant motion, which the swing can provide much more consistently than a tired parent. I have solemnly vowed to myself not to use it as a babysitter. If he is in it for 5ish minutes and is not asleep, I take him out.

Feeding has been going OK. TMI, but it have been a bit painful this week and I think I may have a milk blister or something on the left nipple, not fun. He also just seems to be chomping more. He will occasionally go 3.5-4.5 hours without eating, though 2.5-3 hrs is much more normal. Its amazing how much longer 3 hrs is than the 2 we were doing. Unfortunately, this extended time has not lead to that great of nights. Monday night he decided that 1am-3am was an awesome time to be awake - I had him in his crib and was trying to sleep but he was very noisy and I was worried about him, then at 3 he was overtired and needed to be rocked to sleep. He went down at 3:30am, and then woke up at 4am to eat again. Fun. I am still sleep deprived from the combination of Monday and Tuesday night, despite the last two nights going OK. In general, his fussiness has changed in nature. He accelerates to full out screaming MUCH faster now.

He is still adorable. I am still totally in love with him. I did reach levels of previously unknown exhaustion and frustration this week. But, that is just parenting, isn't it? Just when I felt at the breaking point yesterday (after he was fussy and would not let me put him down from 7-11am) a good hot shower helped me out (with my little sister watching the baby). I am very grateful to my family for the help they have given me.

I have not been as good with record keeping as I may have hoped. I take a lot of pictures, but I have not done foot or handprints, and I  had some planned pictures that I have not started (that you are supposed to repeat every month or so as the kid grows up). I feel a little guilty about it, but ultimately I know that the fact we love him and take care of him is WAY more important than preserving every second for prosperity. When he is 12 years old and doing a project that involves baby pictures and information we will have plenty to show for it and only I will know there was stuff we wanted to do that we didn't.

Speaking of which... I promise I have pictures from this week. Including a couple f-adorable outfits, but I don't have the time or energy to post them right now. They will come in good time!

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Allison said...

((HUGS)) SO not looking forward to that exhaustion, because I remember it all too well. We're already wondering how we're going to function well enough to take care of E on top of the baby, but as I think you've already discovered, you just do and it just happens. It sounds like Benjamin is doing wonderfully--I can't believe he's already almost 2 months old and is rolling over and all of that. I don't remember when it's "supposed" to happen, but it's just amazing to watch them grow, isn't it?