Friday, February 3, 2012

Four Weeks Old!

Baby Benjamin is 4 weeks, 1 day old today!

He is doing well. I don't have updated growth stats because I don't know if there is somewhere here in Duluth to go measure him. I tried to schedule a 1-month well child, but the new pediatrician we are using here does not do 1-month appts, they do 2 month. So we will have to wait until March for that. My mom and I tried to measure his height and came up with 22 inches.

Benjamin has gotten a bit fussier in the past week. He cries more often for reasons unknown, but is generally consolable w/position changes, bouncing, and a pacifier. He is still eating pretty much every two hours, though it occasionally stretches to 3hrs if he is asleep, or 4 hrs if we are out and about (he sleeps so well in the car and in the Moby!) I have read that 6 weeks is the average peak of infant fussiness, so I expect it to get worse before it gets better.

He holds his head up for quite a lot time now when we put him in tummy time. He stretches his legs out and pushes off of things (mainly our hands), and can push himself across the table by doing this. He has no idea he is doing it whatsoever, but its adorable. He responds more now to loud noises and to sounds in general. He also is showing an affinity for Mommy - he tends to calm down for me better than others and my dad says it is "not the momma" syndrome.

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