Saturday, February 11, 2012

Five Weeks (2 Days)

Benjamin is starting to smile and coo and make all sort of funny faces. The smiles are not all that conscious yet, but its showing up. Also, today he rolled over from stomach to back the first time. None of us saw it. He was laying on a blanket (like the pic below), and I was on the laptop. I turned to play with him some, and he was on his back! I was so surprised. I am sure it was a fluke of sorts and he has no idea how he did it, but its still a cool milestone.  In general he has been more routine/predictable, which I appreciate. He eats, then is awake for a bit, and then gets fussy, eventually we coax him to sleep, then he sleeps until he wants to eat again. Most of the time this sleep is 30 - 45 minutes, but a few times in the past three days he has slept three hours, making it 4+ hours between feedings. Unfortunately that has all been during the day, never at night!! LOL. He still has very severe baby acne all over his face, and dry skin - possibly baby eczema. We put lotion on it today to see if that helps or hurts. I think its helping but it is too soon to tell. 

Also, DH and I went on a date last night! Actually the family pic below was when we were getting ready to leave. We went to a curling class and learned mainly that curling is WAY more physically challenging than it looks! I am not sure I would recommend doing it 5 weeks post partum.... so we left when I got sore and headed to Pizza Luce for deliciousness. It was a nice night out, though I may be that stereotypical parent who goes on date night and has nothing to talk about except the kid. I should work on that. Hopefully I will be able to revisit my new years resolutions soon and let you know how they are going! 

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