Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Farewell Columbus!

We were in Columbus for five years, and they were five good years! Columbus is a good place to live, it just does not have the family, the natural beauty, and the real weather like Duluth has. There are definitely some things I will miss about Columbus, things that Duluth does not offer. So, I wanted to write a post remembering all the positive things about Columbus!

Food: Lets face it, the food options in Columbus are pretty awesome in many ways! First, there are chain restaurants that are available there that we don't have in Duluth, like Chipotle, Raising Cain, Mellow Mushroom, Red Robin, Ruby Tuesday, BJs, etc etc etc. Then there is local restaurants of Columbus, like The Blue Nile, Hound Dogs Pizza and Banana Leaf. Also there was always new restaurants to try, and all sorts of strange cuisines to try. I never did get around to trying the Indonesian place! Then there is the farmer's market - oh how I will miss thee! I am spoiled rotten by Worthington Farmers Market. I am sure I will be missing it like mad! All the fresh produce and delicious locally made yummies! Duluth has a farmers market and I will utilize it, but I don't expect nearly the selection or experience of Worthington.

Library: Columbus Libraries are consistently ranked 1st or 2nd in the country. You can get pretty much any book, they have good hours, lots of programming, and a number of beautiful buildings. Duluth has a public library with three locations, the main library was built in the 60s/70s and has not been renovated. The selection is limited and the hours are limited. We will adjust, and we have access to two university libraries as well (UMD and UWS), but I will miss the ease and beauty of the Columbus library system.

OSU Football: Of course we will miss the football craziness!! Duluth is not remotely football crazy. Hockey is much  bigger and we will enjoy it, but we will miss the OH...IO! We will miss the football parties with friends and occasionally going to games with 100K other screaming fans.

The Crew: There is not professional soccer in Duluth, not even in the state, or a state that MN touches. The closest team is in Chicago, 8 hrs away. We will miss professional soccer and we will continue to cheer for The Crew!


Allison said...

Wow--I didn't realize there wasn't any Chipotle... You might need to re-think that move :)

Manday said...

I am sure we will get it eventually... we just got Five Guys