Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Week!

I had a very busy week! I thought I would be home all week, and actually home alone for three days of it, but that is not what happened at all.

Monday - My mom, sisters, Benjamin and I went to UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth). My older sis plays basketball there at noon almost every day that she is in town (her job travels). While she was doing that, the other four of us went on a walk all over UMD. Its a great place for walking because you can go forever without going outside - all the buildings are connected. After that we went out and enjoyed a good lunch, then I went to my sisters in-laws house so that her husband's grandma could meet baby. My family has been very blessed with ILs so far (pay attention younger siblings and keep the trend going! LOL). My sister's ILs have the general belief that the marriage between their son and my sister not only added her to their family, but all of us, and all of our in laws, creating one big network of happiness. I love it. So basically they very much feel Benjamin is part of their family.

Tuesday - We ran a bunch of shopping errands I had on my list and went for lunch with a family friend.

Wednesday - My sister called me in the morning and invited us (Benjamin and I), to spend the day with her. We ran errands with her in the morning in town, then went to my Dad's office at UMD and sat and ate lunch with him while she played basketball, and then went back and hung out at her house all afternoon and had dinner there (DH and my little sister joined us). Nice change of pace to spend time with her!

Thursday - My lazy day. As previously mentioned, Benjamin was a bit fussy and I was exhausted, we stayed home all day, my little sister helped with Bry Guy enough for me to get a shower in. The evening it was just my mom, benji and I as everyone else went to a big high school basketball game. We gave Ben a bath and watched "Persuasion" (its a movie based on the Jane Austen book of the same name). It was quiet and relaxing.

Friday - This was a crazy day of driving. Our cat Nox turned up with a goopie eye, so I needed to take her to the vet - a trip that involved me driving all the way to my sisters house (13 miles), then all the way back past my parents house to the vet, then all the day back to my sisters house again! The cat is fine, just inflammation of a chronic eye thing she has. She is on meds now for 10 days. After that I went into town and picked my sister up, we had lunch, and then I came home. In the evening DH and I went to the UMD hockey game, it was a lot of fun! UMD won 4-3 in OT. UMD will be going into the playoffs ranked #4. My parents babysat and apparently Benjamin was quite riled up.

Saturday - We spent the day at home, did a lot of cleaning, DH went to the gym. In the afternoon my mom and I ran to a fabric store to meet my sister. In the evening DH and I (and baby) went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. Yummy mexican!

Sunday - It was snowing and blowing, so everyone stayed in. We listened to the Prairie Home Companion that was taped in Duluth on Saturday, watched "pus in boots" and watched the oscars. I also took a tramp around the woods with  my lil sis and mom.

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