Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plus and Minus

Five Things Annoying about living with my parents (in no particular order)
1. Slow Internet - the internet is not slow for little things, but it has a cut off point for streaming etc where it just pretty much stops working.
2. I don't get to "drive" the television - aka, pick what we watch. I have been watching a lot more Basketball and history channel and a lot less reality crap. LOL Though my father very graciously put up with 90 minutes of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday...
3. I have to pay attention to how much clothes I have on and not walk around semi-nude
4.We can't have the cats with us, they are living in my sister's heated garage.
5.DH has a long commute and its a 15-30 minute drive to get to stores/run errands, etc

Five Things GREAT about living with my parents (in no particular order)
1. Companionship! We moved to Duluth to be close to family, so its great seeing my parents so much, and I don't spend every day all day alone with baby
2. Helping Hands - Having live-in baby sitters both for the "I need to run upstairs!!" and for the "we want to go out tonight!"
3. Meals - home cooked and hot even when baby has had a rough fussy day. I do plan to start helping with the cooking, but its great not being solely responsible
4. Getting to know my little sister - I have not lived with her since she was 8, and now she is 18. Its nice talking to her all the time.
5. Its beautiful in the country, and quiet. Our dog loves it.

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