Saturday, March 31, 2012

12 weeks

Benjamin celebrated his 12 week birthday with his first cold. He seems to have caught the sneezy, runny eyed, runny nose goop that I had last week. He looked so pathetic with his watery red eyes. I wanted to dress him warm and we don't have many polar fleeces left that are big enough for them, so I ended up putting him in a duck costume. It was adorable. but it felt wrong to make him look so cute when he did not feel well!! Despite not feeling well he still got excited when Dad came home and started playing with him. If you want to see him laughing, try this video!

He loves odd noises like that rolling R, or "digadigadigadigadigadiga" etc. He also has been grabbing/pinching things. including our arms and arm hair unfortunately! I cut his nails but it does not really help. He makes more noises every day. His favorite seems to be "agooooo", sort of growly. He is adorable really. His cold seems better today, though he is quite grumpy!!

This coming week he will be 3 months old. I hope to get another weight then. post more pics. But for now the video will have to do :)

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