Saturday, September 19, 2009

After a Week

Today is an absolutely beautiful day. The temperature is lovely. The sun is shining. The air is refreshing. Its awesome.

I love the fall. Of course, this is more like a Duluth summer than fall, but the pattern is the same - cooler temperatures, leaves thinking about changing, its great.

My first week of work was good. We are just starting to move beyond the basic orientation stuff into more the meat of what we will be doing. They say there is A LOT of reading, and while I believe them, I also think I am a fast enough reader that it will not be too much, and perhaps even not enough to keep me busy. Of course keeping busy won't be a problem once we move beyond the readings and start working with claims. We get computers on Monday, but the usage is very limited and very monitored due to the fact we will be on the Social Security Administration network. But still, I will be able to do basic online things like email which will have me a whole lot more connected to what I am used to than this week has.

Outside of work, on Monday I had 'book club'. It was actually just me and my friend R, everyone else cancelled. We went to a tea shop, it was good times. I hated the book thought. I have finished three other books this week - Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which is about a boy being raised by ghosts, I enjoyed it. Red Prophet, which is the sequel to Seventh Son, both by Orson Scott Card, also very enjoyable, and then I finished a reread of Twilight.

I have no big plans for this weekend, but I want to make some! Or get out and do something at least, just so it really feels like I had a weekend when I go back on Monday. Last night we watched Sunshine Cleaners. It was a cute dramedy, quite good for the most part, but ultimately unsatisfying, which is unfortunate since it had so much promise and so many good bits. I wish they had tacked on 15 minutes and wrapped up better.

Yep, and that is my life at the moment :-)


Wandering Explorer said...

Enjoy it! I hope it keeps going well for you - I'm sure we'll hear plenty of good stories.

rising esoteric said...

go new job! I'm glad it's working out for you. Are you open to all the 'working for the government' jokes now?

I should look some up. ;)