Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game Day!

Its game day!!

8am - get up and walk grim
8:30 - make a grocery list for the party
9:00 - Head to the Farmer's Market to meet Aunt Karen and pick up some fresh produce for the week, including the corn for tonight.
10:30 - Giant Eagle for the rest of the goodies. Also stumble upon a really cheap lunch box for when I start work Monday. Watch a group of men in the parking lot dressed in red pour Kahlua into their star bucks coffee.
11:15 - Arrive home and put away groceries
11:30 - Start potato salad
12:30pm - Put potato salad in the fridge to marinade, harvest farmville crops, read the first 100 pages of The Alchemist. Its not bad but I am not a big fan.
1:55 - Call Mom
2:00 - Start the second step of the potato salad while chatting to Mom
2:30 - Accidentally answer my cell phone when I friend calls even though I am still talking on the land line to mom. Awkwardness ensues.
2:55 - Put potato salad back in the fridge
3:00 - Shower
3:30 - Write a blog about how the day is going

3:45 - Read another few pages of The Alchemist
4:00 - Start cleaning the house
5:30 - Boil the Brats
5:45 - Light the Charcoal
6:00- People arrive, put the corn on the grill
6:30 - Grill Brats for the people who don't care about religion or animals (including myself of course), portobello mushrooms for the vegetarians, and kosher hot dogs for the Jewish guests
6:45 - Chow Down and hang out
8:00pm - Watch the big Game! OSU vs. USC!!!