Monday, September 21, 2009

Teenage Machine Angst Warfare

Tonight DH and I went to see Transformers II in the dollar theater. I had a strange desire to see it, despite having never seen the first one, and having no desire to see the first one. I also received a tip that if I was going to see it, best to do it on the big screen, so we went for it!!

It was entertaining - full of ridiculous plot wholes and shoddy logic, and a bit too long - but entertaining. The first half was teenage angst interspersed with machine warfare. The second half was machine warfare interspersed with teenage angst. It had some really funny jokes, I laughed hard. It was fun.

Afterwords we went to Half Price Books. I found Harry Potter 6 on tape! Now I only need 7 and I am set. I also found a ridiculously hilarious ugly panda journal. I may have to take a picture of it and post it on here just because it is so wonderful.

Work was fine today. We had a lot of reading time. Tomorrow we have a lot of policy lecture, which I expect to be mine-numbing. We got our first medical readings today though, which are more interesting than the policy stuff, and we got computers so I can check email a bit and such during breaks/lunch, and luckily none of my favorite sites are blocked!

That is all!


tbonegrl said...

So jealous you might be able to post on the board! LOL!

I heart half price books.

Glad the job is going well!

Anonymous said...

funny you should mention half price books: i heard a commercial on the radio for them this morning and said "I FORGOT THAT EXISTS IN THIS STATE!" and nearly started drooling for excitement... ok that's an exageration, but still!