Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Short Week

The long weekend has lead to a short week, something that I normally would hardly notice, but seeing as it is my last week without commitment to a job, I definitely am noticing! I have a lot of stuff I wanted to get done before starting work and the shortened week combined with me basically throwing yesterday away is not helping. I will manage though :-) I think the biggest issue at this point is trying to get a hair appointment on such short notice. My hair has not been cut in ages and I really wanted to start the new job with a new do.

The week is also being shortened by big plans for Saturday. We are supposed to have people over for the OSU/USC game. I say supposed to because despite people showing interest in the planning phase so far I have about 8 responses of "not coming" and no responses of people coming. We will see if it actually happens. If it does happen, I will pretty much be spending Friday night and saturday during the day getting ready for it (there is potato salad to make, fixings to buy, a house to clean, etc).

Sunday, knowing me, will be spent doing a lot of stuff I swore I would take care of earlier in the week.

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