Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Monday and Tuesday of this week DRAGGED by, very slowly, but today was much better. I am not sure what makes the difference.

We have five different trainers that give us lectures and answer questions. It is surprising how quick and easy it is to pick up on personality differences and such when different people present similar styles of material day after day in such different ways. The head trainer is clearly the head trainer for a reason - very strong leadership, she controls the classroom and demands attention. She presents the material clearly and relies strongly on the handout to lead the lecture (which is good in my opinion). Our second female trainer, lets call her blue, is very people oriented. Her lectures try to be amusing but are cheesy. She likes power points, the material is relatively clear, but she indulges questions a bit much and this can lead to her getting way off track. The third female trainer, lets say Goldy, is the worst of the bunch. She does not use power points and her hand outs are useless. She reads off some notes she has that no one else gets to see, but she lectures as if we are all looking at them. She assumes things are self-explanatory that are not. She does not utilize examples during the lecture. She often cannot answer questions. Then there is the "computer" guy. He isn't actually IT or anything, but he seems to be in charge of all the computer based lectures, a fact I find to be comical since he is the oldest trainer and we often have to point out basic computer things to him (zB - how to zoom out so more of a word document fits on one screen, how to tell if an internet page is loading). The result is that many of his lectures tend to explain how to do things that are second nature to anyone who has had any other office job or simply grew up using computers - for example, how to use a search function in a database program (i.e. type in the search term in the box and click on "search"). In general, he repeats information A LOT during lectures and elaborates way to much on basic points, of course who am I to be the judge of that when some people still seem confused. The last trainer, "Orange", is my favorite. I think he is most people's favorite. He is very approachable, he follows handouts but also adds to them, he covers the material completely and answers questions concisely, and makes the class laugh.

I could also tell you that last night I had book club and it was fun (Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society), that I am going to a friends house tomorrow night, and that we have made plans to visit my sister in Burton this weekend. And now I did tell you. :-)

Last but not least, I am super psyched that tomorrow is the first day of October. Bring on the Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

zum Beispiel? LOVE IT

i know what you mean about the computer stuff. In looking for a receptionist, the bosses seem to find it more important that someone's used the software before than if they have any people skills, which I find ridiculous because the age of applicants that they're looking at will be able to figure out the software in about 3 seconds flat...

deine Schwester :-)