Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of the Decade (2)

I have several end of the year posts I always make, and here is the second.

The instructions are simple:
Post the first line sof the first entry of each month of the past year.

I intended to post my resolutions today, but I am not in the mood to do it today. New Years Eve was pleasant, a nice quite evening in. We watched the ball drop, said cheers to the New Year, and called my parents from the future (they were still way back their in 2008).

This weekend was of course one of my favorite weekends of the year- Super Bowl Weekend! There are four major reasons I LOVE the Super Bowl.

I walk into the classroom where my economics course is held five minutes before class starts, feeling late because the classroom fills up so far. Luckily there are two desks available around where I normally sit

So, I have been hinting that I have some important news, and here it finally is. I have decided after much thought that I do not want or need to get my PhD in Political Science (or anything else right now for that matter).

Well, I did indeed manage to get my transcript here on time, and I went and took a test this morning to see if I can move along to the next part of the process of becoming a Disabilities Claims Adjudicator. They evaluate people's claims for disability benefits.

I mentioned before I was doing a reading challenge. It ended yesterday. I read 22 books for a total of 245 points. Completing the challenge would have been 550 points... so I did not quite make it to that but I reached my goal of 200. Here is my official participation certificate!

I was going to be writing today about the fact I finally planted my garden, or the beautiful weather, or the Rock Band party last night. Instead I get to write about the fact that one of my friends from undergraduate, Ian Rucker, killed himself.

Well, its clear "tree" is the favorite and I can't say I blame you guys. They are all beautiful though, eh? But I was thinking, what I really envision eventually for the family room is three vertical pictures of China in black and white hung above the sofa. So, I played around and turned Tree into a vertical picture.

It is hard to believe that Summer is coming to an end. It was a really good summer. I got to travel and see my friends B&R get married in St Louis, spend two weeks in Duluth and be a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding, and see a wedding of a good friend here in Columbus.

I spend the bulk of this weekend up in Burton, Ohio with my older sister. She is there doing an internship in large-animal medicine

I am not quite sure how time passes so quickly and all my good intentions to post about things slip out the window with it. I had a nice long Halloween post in my head, and I almost just posted it last Sunday but decided to wait until I had time to get pictures on here, and guess what, that has not happened. Here,then, is a text version of my Halloween

I love shopping for other people. Even ridiculous little stuff.
The lights on all the little trees outside Target make me smile.
The lights in downtown Worthington make me smile more,
even laugh with joy!

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