Friday, December 11, 2009

Mirth on Yule

I bought some alphabet magnets for the metal cabinet in my office. I only bought one set, meaning one of each letter. This limits what I can do with them greatly! To just write my own name I would need FOUR sets. So, anyways, I was trying to come up with a holiday message to write, which was quite difficult indeed. I ended up writing "Mirth on Yule"... note the lack of repeating letters! So, much Mirth on Yule to you!! I like the term Yule in general. After all, it is from Yule that we get Christmas trees, wreaths, holly, candles, misletoe, and carols for our holiday season! (there also is old Yule traditions concerning elves, peace, and charity!).

In other news, I was working on something today when I made this obvious but excellent observation: I would rather be doing this than doing what I did in Grad School (and therefore what I would be doing as a young professor, because really they are not that different). And that, my friends, is worth all the eggnog in the world!! :-)

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