Thursday, December 31, 2009

Petty Vent

It appears by being gone for ten days I forfeit all rights to see my friends or host anything for New Years and Bowl games :-(

Thats not entirely true. I was going to host New Years Eve, then DH told me he wanted to host the game. I told my friends M&R this, so R decided to host New Years Eve so I was free to host the next night. Then I come to find out that there is already a get together that M new about, meaning no one is available. Why on earth M did not tell me that, I don't know. Probably because we are not officially invited to the get together. It still would have been nice to know, and I am not sure whether the lack of invitation is because they actually don't want to invite us or because they assume we will manage to get some people for our own party. Which we won't. Either way, I am feeling really petty and left out at the moment.

This too shall pass. I just needed to get it out of my system, but now its out, and thats good because pettiness is no way to end (or start) a year.

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