Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm dreaming of a snowed in Christmas...

Its snowing!! 6 inches and counting. My dad shoveled the sidewalk at 7:40am and then went out to feed the horses. I got bored about a half hour later and went to follow him and see what was up. His footprints out to the barn looked as if they had been there a long time and some were completely erased by the drifting snow. This weather is supposed to keep up until Saturday morning, making for a VERY white Christmas. I am excited, nothing like a good blizzard! Of course, I also hope that my sister and brother, who are currently actually closer in (or in) Duluth manage to make it out here for tonight/tomorrow!! I personally plan to stay warm and cozy inside, next to the Christmas tree, under the stockings :0) [that is, stay inside except when my sense of freedom and adventure having me wandering outside!]

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