Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old New Year's Resolutions

How did I do on my New Years Resolutions from last year? I promised you a post!

Here they are, and how I did:

(1) Menu Planning - Start using it! Stop eating out so much! Cook more! -- Mixed results - I did some menu planning but never consistently. I think we probably ate out even MORE.

(2) Work Out - I did this very well when I was still at OSU with the gym membership but completely failed once I was without a free state of the art gym.

(3) Read more for Pleasure I would say 100+ books is a bit more :-)

(4) Stop Chewing my Nails- Total success!!

(5) Figure Out what I am Doing with my Life-- I figured out what I was not doing!! And that is a big step forward.

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