Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of the Decade (3)

1 minute ago... I was watching The Parent Trap
1 hour ago... I was reading a message board
1 day ago... I was settling back into Columbus after 10 days in Duluth
1 month ago... I was driving around Kansas for Thanksgiving
1 year ago... prepping for my first (and, as it turned out, only) quarter as a lecturer
1 decade ago... I was a sophomore in high school, convinced I had the world figured out.
1 lifetime ago... I think I was in revolutionary in Russia

5 minutes ago... I was finding a blanket to wrap up in.
5 hours ago... I was just getting off work, headed for the grocery store.
5 days ago... I was in a blizzard in Duluth, having Christmas eve with my family.
5 monthes ago... I was happily unemployed, enjoying my time.
5 years ago... I was a Junior in college getting prepared to leave for a semester to Austria.

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